All photography provided by Jessica Erickson

You can make a difference. 


Don't Waste Food

If you have ever been hungry, ever walked past a boulangerie salivating and counting your coins to buy a baguette or a piece of bread.  Ever craved food you could not afford to buy.  Please do not throw away the food you do not eat, people are starving.  Take your food home with you when you dine out.  Share it, give it to someone, take it home.  Usually when you make this small gesture, you'll find that someone out there needs something you do not.  Please don't waste the Earth's gifts.

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Because Water is More Precious Than Gold

We never know what we have until it's gone.

These small treasures we take for granted are essential for life.  

You can donate to UNICEF or participate in other programs which help those struggling to survive.

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